Healing Yourself...

Is possible...It all starts with recognizing the need for change. Our current healthcare model and system fails us when it comes to truly healing from chronic disease or improving our quality of life. We must shift our approach and take back control.

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The Integrative Medicine Approach

We have made the shift from focusing on what's wrong with you, to a process that helps us understand what you want your health for. This way we can use the resources we provide to help you life your fullest life and truly heal from dis-ease. Achieving health is much more about what you do than what you take. We want to know what matters most to you, because this will help us both know where to invest our time and energy to help you get where you want to go.

Whole Health Approach

We look outside the box and get to the root cause of your symptoms, not just mask them with medications. Our approach includes 8 pillars of health with focus on nutritional medicine, health coaching and quantum healing.

Individualized Care

Every woman is different in her health needs. We take the time to develop an individualized plan to provide your body what it needs to heal.


We provide you with the accountability, tools and knowledge you need to to become the expert of your own health and make lasting and sustainable changes that allow you to finally heal.

Who We Work With

Women struggling with a chronic health condition for which there has been no hope or future except a lifetime of medications and a mediocre quality of life, and who are looking for a different approach and a better answer. 


Women who have been on their healing journey for a while but feel like despite doing “all the right things” they have plateaued or are stuck and are feeling frustrated and like nothing will ever change. 

Women's Health Rejuvenation Program

The Ultimate Health Transformation Program for Women

All inclusive program combining education, nutritional medicine, health coaching, supplements and functional lab testing into one.

Group and individual coaching and sessions with Dr. Alex to foster community as well as individual healing.

24/7 Access and support to the learning portal, email, text, food and mood journals and more.

"I used to be afraid of dying young like some of my family members, and it kept me from ever really getting healthy. After working with Dr. Alex to heal on a whole level, I'm confident, happy and know I have control over my health."

LaVerne D.
Associate Professor

About Dr. Alex Ridley DC, CACCP, WHC, AMP

Dr. Alex is the founder and director of Life Sprout Wellness Institute and a board certified pediatric and perinatal chiropractor, board certified alternative medicine practitioner, and a certified integrative women's health coach and essential oil coach. A constant learner, she is also pursuing a PhD in Integrative and Natural Medicine through Quantum University in 2020.

In addition to her work in private practice, she hosts a podcast, is an author and is a sought after speaker on the topic of wellness and women's & children's health by organizations like Chief Andrew Issac's and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

Through her own health journey and helping 100's of women on their own, it has become Dr. Alex's mission to help successful women leaders overcome Selfless Syndrome and transform from overwhelmed, overworked, and overweight to vibrant, energized and on fire. She helps women learn to put themselves first so they can better serve the ones they love and the things they are passionate about.​

Selfless Syndrome is reaching epidemic proportions in our society as women put their families, careers, community, and commitments before themselves and as a result are developing health problems that have a long term devastating impact. 


Today one in four women are on antidepressant medication, 41% of women in North America are overweight, and 78.8% of those with autoimmune conditions are women. 

We cannot lead our families to be healthy if we are not healthy ourselves. It's time to take control of your health and life, so you can better serve the ones you love and the things you are passionate about.

It all starts with recognizing the need for something to change.

Dr. Alex personally awoke to the devastating impact Selfless Syndrome has on women, their careers and their families following the premature birth of her son Fritz, and tanking of her own health in the midst of building a chiropractic wellness center ranked in the top 1% of practices in North America. A business that left little room for taking care of herself or a let up of stress.

Her wellness and health coaching programs help women lose weight, sleep better, boost energy and fall in love with themselves by using the power of certified therapeutic grade essential oils and addressing the 8 Core Pillars of a woman’s health, while bringing balance to the innate female desire to give of herself selflessly.

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