New 23 Minute On Demand  Workshop for Selfless Women Leaders

The Key To Finding Your Motivation and Taking Control of Your Health

How to transform your motivation and energy from a trickle to a flood using one simple shift. 

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This Is For You If...

  • You have a big heart for serving others.
  • You consistently put yourself on the back burner to do so.
  • Your feel run down, exhausted and know you should be doing things to take care of yourself.
  • You lack the energy, motivation or knowledge to know where to begin.
  • You're not looking for another fad diet, workout routine or doctor to "tell" you what to do.

On Demand Workshop-Watch When It Works for You

There will never be the "perfect" time. And I know as well as any woman showing up for live workshops can be a challenge. Carve out 23 minutes to invest in yourself and take a step towards getting your health back on track right now. 

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On this Training Your Will Learn:

The One Key You Need to Start Transforming Your Health

I created this training because 99% of the women I work with struggle with this ONE thing when it comes to their health--and it keeps them from being able to serve the people they love and the things they are passionate about as their best selves....

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About Dr. Alex Swenson-Ridley DC, CACCP, WHC, AMP

Dr. Alex is the founder and director of Life Sprout Wellness Institute and a board certified alternative medicine practitioner, and a certified integrative women's health coach and essential oil coach, and a board certified pediatric and perinatal chiropractor.
Through her own health journey and helping 100's of women on their own, it has become Dr. Alex's mission to help successful women leaders overcome Selfless Syndrome and transform from overwhelmed, overworked, and overweight to vibrant, energetic and on fire. She helps women learn to put themselves first so they can better serve the ones they love and the things they are passionate about.‚Äč